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Date: 6/25/2013 12:37 PM EDT

As the dog days of summer approach, we will be calling on our a/c units to help us cope with the heat! Here are a couple things to do that will help your a/c work more efficiently when you need it most! 

First of all change your furnace filter if you have central air! Check all windows to be sure they are closed and lock for maximum seal. Clean the condenser coil on the a/c unit. On window units it usually is on the back of it. Central air it is on the outside part of the unit and may require taking the outer jacket off. On both they look like a car radiator. Wash with soapy water and a soft brush not doing any damage to the fins of the coil! Window units will have an intake filter on the front of it to clean! Good luck! Keep cool!

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Judi Farr said...

Great tip John! I've always been told to clean the filter in the front of window units that are easily accessed from inside the home, but never thought about cleaning the fins inside. Makes sense!

I'll be passing this info on to family, friends and real estate customers as well.

Not only will your units run more efficiently, but think of all that energy you'll be saving!

6/28/2013 8:08 AM EDT

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